Reduced hardware expense and enhanced data security

Buying and installing multiple CD/DVD burners is not only a waste of money but also a severe data security risk. A single burner hosted on a LANwriter machine can serve the entire office and highly enhance data security.

Superior Corporate Data Management

(Catalog & archive company publications for search, reference and reuse)

LANwriter can backup, catalog and archive, on a routine basis, all data that the company publishes on media or on the web. These catalogs and data archives serve as data repositories from which old publications can be quickly fetched and reused at a later date. Information about each data publication job is stored in an SQL database and the files and folders for the job are optionally mirrored to a data archive on a spare hard disk drive before being published to the chosen medium. The database information serves as a rapidly searchable e-Catalog and the mirrored data archive serves as a data repository from which the publication can be fetched and reused at a later date. The data repository can be moved to DVDs for offsite storage and to free up space on the archive disk.

Safe delegation of data publishing responsibility to staff generating the data

LANwriter allows any authorized user on the office network to burn data CDs, transfer data to removable drives and upload data to FTP servers using a web browser with complete ease. This makes it possible to delegate data publication responsibility in a monitored manner, to employees who actually generate the data. Even while delegating responsibility in this manner, data security is not compromised as LANwriter keeps a complete record of all data transfer activity and so deters any unauthorized data transfer attempts. Office staff and employees who are in charge of creating publication data find it convenient to have independent and easy browser-based access to a facility which allows them to transfer the data to the final publication medium, (CD or Website) on their own without depending on superiors or support staff. Such delegation increases overall operational efficiency in the organization.

Less dependence on IT support staff

LANwriter users need no longer depend on technical support staff to get their data burned on CDs or uploaded to Websites. This significantly lessens the data management workload of the scarce tech-support staff which can focus more on critical system configuration and maintenance work.

Enhanced corporate confidentiality and intellectual property protection

Data pilferage can result in a major loss of intellectual property and leakage of confidential data can very adversely affect business credibility and market standing.

Unprotected CD burners, USB/Firewire ports and FTP uploads are the primary outlets through which data pilferage occurs. LANwriter, acting as a data gatekeeper, can securely centralize these outlets on to a single publication machine and effectively protect against data pilferage attempts. Installing LANwriter on a single data outlet server and locking down ports on all other machines in the office is an easy and effective way to plug data leaks.

LANwriter gives the enterprise a secure audited data publishing facility and guards the intellectual property of the organization.

Web-Empowerment of Managers, Officers and Executives

In today’s digital workplaces, staff ranging from marketing executives to top management is often computer savvy. They can create a lot of content independently on their computers using office software like Word and PowerPoint, and HTML publishing tools like FrontPage. But when it comes to making this content quickly viewable on the web for their audience, they usually have to go through the bottle-neck of the tech-support or web-design departments of their organization resulting in publishing delay.

LANwriter empowers such users with the ability to instantly publish their documents on the World Wide Web without seeking the help of any support staff. Even the CEO or Chairman, as a LANwriter user, will be able to directly upload presentations and documents to the corporate website with but a few mouse clicks and without any phone calls to the company’s webmaster.

Better management of company websites through Distributed Content Publishing

LANwriter with its centralized, multi-account FTP upload capability can be used to implement a secure web-content publication and management system operated by chosen members of staff, spread across different departments and divisions of the company. These staff members can be allocated their own FTP accounts and departmental home directory locations where they would publish content generated by their own division on a routine basis. Such a distributed management of content on the corporate website will ensure that it remains promptly uptodate.