Device Sharing and Remote Data Writing

  • Centrally managed and monitored sharing, over the LAN, of writing devices like CD/DVD burners and USB/Firewire drives
  • Remote CD/DVD writing from any computer on the LAN using just a web browser
  • Centrally managed and monitored FTP gateway for the LAN
  • Browser-based FTP uploads from any computer on the LAN. No need of FTP client programs on multiple desktops


  • OS integrated user authentication
  • Multiple user-levels for differing access permissions to writing devices shared on the network
  • Job approval mechanism ( Compiled jobs of Normal users are not written until inspected and approved by an Approving user )
  • Data mirroring mechanism ( Job data is mirrored to a backup location on hard disk before job is written to media or uploaded to FTP server )
  • User-specific job data size limits

Cataloging and Archival

  • Archive past jobs to stand-alone DVD media for offline storage. Every DVD volume contains its own separate, browsable catalog
  • Maintain a cumulative online catalog, of several such offline DVD volumes
  • Fast search and retrieval across hundreds of GBs of cataloged data

Search and Reporting

  • User-wise usage history and reports of all pending and completed jobs
  • User-wise and overall reports of optical media issued, utilized and wasted
  • Advanced search & retrieval of job information subject to multiple criteria
  • Search for files and folders within online and offline archived data

Administration and Maintenance

  • Simple, automated installation (Setup program checks and installs all required components)
  • Easy configuration
  • Browser-based remote administration
  • One-click system backup & restoration facility to protect against data loss
  • Online Help and Animated Quick Tours to rapidly get new users started

SQL driven back-end

  • MSDE ( default ) or MSSQL server as the database engine based on user choice
  • Strong SQL back-end makes LANwriter a scalable, industry-strength, data cataloging and archival product